Remote Support - Terms of Service

By utilizing Norris IT remote support services, you (on behalf of yourself and / or the legal entity you represent) agree:

  • to grant remote access to your computer to Norris ITs or its affiliates' or subcontractors' support personnel for the purposes of providing remote technical support and that you are authorized to grant access to computer or other device you are establishing the remote connection.

  • that you are personally responsible for ensuring a valid backup of any data and applications has been made prior to any activities undertaken via the Norris IT remote support tool.

  • that due to nature of certain technical problems, it may not be possible to resolve your particular problem via remote support.

  • that because of complexity and variety of support cases and inevitable dependencies and reliance on third party technologies; all support is provided on "best efforts" basis and Norris IT may not be able to remedy some issues.

  • that you do not have privacy, security or password sensitive applications / web pages / email open during remote support activities.

  • that for reasons of providing good customer care we may help you with and offer solutions to i) certain product features that are undesirable to you and/or ii) issues arisen due to third party product, as part of our support services but provision of any help for solving and/or circumventing the abovementioned items is not deemed as acknowledgement that any such issues would constitute errors in our software or services.

  • if you are granted access to a copy of Norris IT software for support resolution purposes; i) in the absence of specific license terms in the said software; all use of such software copies are subject to Norris IT end user license terms in the Norris IT commercial software you have installed on your device, or ii) in the absence of such installation; the end user license terms. You agree that except for the time-limited use of software for the purpose of solving your support problem, no other rights to software are granted to you.

  • that for the purposes of providing you with support and problem resolution services, i) you may be asked to provide personally identifiable data (including emails and/or metadata thereof) to Norris IT or its affiliates or its support partners and/or ii) where necessary to resolve the support issue, data from your device that is identifiable to you may be collected and sent to F-Secure, to its affiliates and/or to its support partners for problem resolution analysis. All such data will be processed in accordance to Norris IT’s privacy policy

  • that all remote services and software are provided as-is and at your own risk. You acknowledge and understand that the support engineer providing you with support services is not familiar with interconnections, settings, or special applications on your device or all purposes to which your device is used for or for which the device is connected to.

  • that any suggestion given by Norris IT , its affiliates or its support partner to resolve the issue is only indented for the support problem at hand and is not intended or offered as a generic advice for other purposes.